In addition to large format printing, QWERTY is a specialist in lithographic printing, lithography is best described as a planographic process; this is nothing more than a process for printing from a smooth surface, called a plate, to a substrate, generally paper.

Lithography is best used for short, medium, and long press runs. Sheet-fed lithography is used for printing Point of Sale, advertising materials, books, catalogues, posters, packaging, direct mail inserts, and coupons.


Digital printing is another form, and process of printing that QWERTY is able to offer.The ability to print four-color short-run material was next to impossible to do before the merging of old technology, and new technology, computers. This marriage created a new and exciting area of printing, Digital Printing.

Digital printing now makes the impossible, possible. One of the most important advantages that Digital printing offers is a quicker response time due to its minimal press setup and it’s built in multicolor registration system

Large Format

Once you’re happy with the design, our in-house production department steps in. The quality continues every step of the way, having the right professionals in the right job is vital if we are to continue to deliver the best.

With continual investment into technology QWERTY pride itself on being able to print in several formats, if we’re not making this investment, we’re going backwards – Digital, Litho and Large format are just three areas where our expertise shine.Print and production is an area that we pride ourselves in, there is no such thing as a small job, they’re all vitally important to us, with the best print quality that is achievable in today’s market, our investment into large format printing helps us stand out from the crowd.