Grey to Great!

​At Qwerty we always like to come up with innovative and interesting solutions to your design and print requirements, and when one of our clients asked us to do something different to make a grey coated metal finish Eco Cabin stand out from the rest, we jumped at the chance for the makeover.

Grey cabin

We decided to have some fun with this project and to make sure we hit the client’s needs.

It was decided to wrap the whole cabin in vinyl so that we could utilise the area and make sure it really does stood out from all the rest!

The Studio were tasked with coming up with something to achieve our client's goal. There were various design concepts from a log cabin, rainforest and bubble wrap. Eventually however, we went with a brick design with a demolition hole to reflect the services the client offers. Using vinyl to create the transformation, we matt laminated it to give it extra protection in the outdoors and installed it on site at Qwerty.

J Mould Demolition - Vinyl Wrap Cabin

Do you want to make a statement with a similar product? If you have something you'd like us to wrap give our team a call and we can discuss how to provide an eye catching design solution. Call us on 0118 930 2222.